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Caravan/Passing of the Bell


The festivities begin on Wed., May 4, 2011 in Columbus on West Broad Street at Tommy’s Diner and is inclusive of the ceremony at National Trail Raceway in our county. Jim Layton & Mike Fornataro of National Trail Raceway are bringing the bells from Franklin County to Licking County in grand style, an El Camino! Doug Smith, VP of the Ohio National Road Assn. & one of our County Commissioners will be our Master of Ceremonies.

What is the “Caravan/Passing of the Bells?”
The National Alliance of the National Road includes 6 states. Ohio is participating in the caravan of the bells on the National Road in Ohio. The caravan and the passing of the bells is in honor of the “Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Construction of the National Road.” Hard to believe but the first shovel of dirt was in Cumberland, Maryland, 200 years ago!

If you desire information about the “passing of the bells” prior to Franklin County and after Licking County, please contact me and I will send you that information by separate email. I am attending the event on E. Main St which coincides with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Old National Road Condos. The condos are an on-going celebration of the revitalization of the Olde Towne East area in Columbus. I plan to follow the El Camino to our Licking County ceremony.

Come travel the road and join in this event!

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