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2011 Annual Financial Report


It’s available! 2011 Annual Report for the Village of Hebron Finances can be viewed by clicking on the Public Records tab and then the 2011 Annual Financial Report.

January 2012


Mayor and Council Organizational meeting January 11, 2012 : New Committee assignments and new Council President Annelle Porter. Annelle isn’t new to Council, she’s been serving the Village of Hebron Residents for more than 20 years. Congratulations to Mayor Clifford Mason, Council Members Bob Gilbert and Alayna Morris for their successful re-election. If you want to find out whose serving on what committee’s this year click on the Department tab and then at the top right is the “committees for 2012″ PDF.
January 26 9:30 - Noon - A Representative from Congressmen Gibbs office will be in Council Chambers to discuss issues and answer any questions. For more information regarding times and dates of meetings and events in Hebron go to the “Meeting-Minutes tab” or the “Community Events tab”.