Monthly Archives: January 2018

Municipal Building Traffic Pattern

The traffic pattern for the Municipal Complex has been changed now that the Police Department Accessory building is nearly complete. Traffic will enter one-way at the western drive and continue around the complex and exit one-way on the east. The utility payment box has already been moved to the opposite side of the drive so that payments can be placed into the box from the driver’s side.

Notice-Refuse rates

Some Hebron residents may be receiving a quarterly bill from Adkins’ Disposal stating the rates are increasing $1 a month beginning April 1. The Village of Hebron has a contract in place covering residential rates that keep the rate structure the same until June 30, 2019.

Commercial businesses, private developments and apartment complexes with three or more tenants are not considered part of the agreement between the Village and Adkins.

Public Notice

Public Notice –
Meeting Cancellation

The Hebron Village Council has cancelled the following scheduled meeting:

Combined Council Committees Meeting- January 15, 2018 at 6pm

Deborah Morgan
Fiscal Officer